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“We will be victorious” guest post by Ilmari Käihkö

“We will be victorious” is a famous statement made by the former Ivorian Youth Minister Charles Ble Goude before the elections in Ivory Coast in 2011. This statement soon became iconic when the group Les Galliets adopted it as an … Continue reading

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Review of Christine Ryan: Children of War: Child Soldiers as Victims and Participants in the Sudan Civil War

Christine Ryan; Children of War: Child Soldiers as Victims and Participants in the Sudan Civil War. I.B. Tauris 2012, ISBN 978-1-78076-017-9 There is quite a lot written about child soldiers in rebel wars in particular on the African continent. As … Continue reading

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The Big Man book

The Big Man book

Richard Mallett has reviewed our book African Conflicts and Informal Power (Zed books 2012).

“As a final observation, African Conflicts and Informal Power is perhaps above all else a testament to the strength and value of well executed…, in-depth qualitative research in expanding and refining our understanding of the drivers, nature and consequences of war. Whether the approach be ethnography or political sociology, this volume demonstrates why robust qualitative inquiry is so indispensable when it comes to deciphering conflict and discovering what is really there.”

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An interview with me about the situation in Mali (Swedish Television)

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Post-Kaddafi repercussions in the Sahel: the Mali emergency, questions of radicalization and emerging West African discourses of “clashing civilizations”

In western media there has over the last days been an uproar against Ansar Dine who are seen destroying world heritage sites in Timbuktu. Destroying buildings give more attention than killing people in Northern Mali and it is far from … Continue reading

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