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”Ampa Ampoh!”: Sierra Leone after the announcement of the 2012 election results (guest post by Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs)

Late in the afternoon of Friday 24 November, as the sun was setting over the busy streets of downtown Freetown, the National Election Commission (NEC) of Sierra Leone called a press conference to announce the results of the Presidential Elections, … Continue reading

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Protests against Morsi (by Maria Malmström)

Massive protests have taken place in several Egyptian cities against the president’s moves last Thursday to grant himself extensive new powers. Read more on BBC. NAI researcher Maria Malmström talks to anthropologist Samuel Schielke about the protests in Egypt. − … Continue reading

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Congo crisis shows bankruptcy international military policies (guest post by Maria Eriksson Baaz and Judith Verweijen)

There is undoubtedly a need for a political solution to the ongoing Congo crisis, which recently reached new depths with the fall of Goma. Yet viable solutions to intricate, multi-layered conflict dynamics are difficult to reach when one party, in … Continue reading

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The Waiting Continues in Sierra Leone (guest post by Johanna Söderström)

Now, a few days after the election on November 17, everyone is waiting for the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to announce the final results. Rumors of when NEC is going to announce the results spread like wildfire across Freetown, where … Continue reading

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Soldiering Democracy: the 2012 elections in Sierra Leone (guest post by Maya Christensen)

“We want a transparent election with no violence” was a statement shared by people in the streets of Freetown when they went to vote for the presidential and parliamentary elections yesterday (November 17). With no cars allowed in the street … Continue reading

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Meles Zenawi and Africa’s Second Fiddles (guest post by Declan Galvin)

The Death of a Big Man It was reported that Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died on August 20th at the age of 57, a relatively young age for an African dictator. Zenawi had been the de facto leader of … Continue reading

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