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The best recipe for protracted warfare in Mali is aerial bombing and rushed deployment of peacekeeping forces

Either you act quick before too much damage is done, or you have patience and try all avenues for peaceful dialogue. I have tried to make sense of the long delayed international approving of PKO deployment to the Mali crisis … Continue reading

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Comparing elections in Sierra Leone and Ghana (guest post by Jonathan Bhalla)

Multi-party elections were a prominent feature of Africa’s political landscape in 2012, with twenty-three countries conducting polls – whether presidential, legislative or municipal. News coverage in the mainstream media has, at times, been framed in clichés and stereotypes. On the … Continue reading

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Why History Repeats Itself in Eastern DR Congo (guest post by Timothy Raeymaekers)

Observers often agree that ‘history repeats itself’[1] in Eastern Congo – from the slavery conditions imposed by Belgian King Leopold over Mobutu’s predatory state, to today’s armed militias. The reason why these ghosts come haunting Congo’s present is primarily related … Continue reading

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