About me

Associate Professor in Cultural Anthropology at the Nordic Africa Institute. I have  worked as a lecturer in social and cultural anthropology at University of Liberia and Stockholm University, and as senior lecturer in sociology at Fourah Bay College (University of Sierra Leone).

I am currently researching three interrelated subjects: urban poverty and street life; former mid-level commanders and their roles as brokers in postwars; and election related violence. All three projects have a focus on West Africa.

 Areas of interest
Political informality, network analysis, conflict, war, rebel movements and militia, youth, ex-combatants, gender, media, election violence, African cities, urban informality, poverty, alternative forms of governance, transnational businessmen.

Geographical areas
West Africa: Sierra Leone, Liberia
Horn of Africa: Somalia

Tel: +46 18 56 22 32 (direct)

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