About the blog

When I started this blog I saw it as a means to communicate my own research with a crowd beyond ordinary researchers in academia. I also wanted a tool where I could present temporary research findings faster than slow-paced academic publications, and where I could be freer in form and writing. Very soon I found out that friends and colleagues felt the same needs. I extended this space to include text of theirs as well. At times strangers approached me to publish here and at times I have approached people to write something for me. A few times I have also after permission re-published texts that I found particularly interesting.

Although it may shift over time main focus on blog posts published lays on conflict, peace and security on the African continent. I am also interested in images of Africa; how a diverse continent is portrayed in western/northern media and the politics around it.

My personal research interest is conflicts/post-conflicts in West Africa in particular. I have researched and resided for several years in Liberia and Sierra Leone and followed the wars and post-war reconstructions since my first encounter with Sierra Leone in 1992. In addition to this I have written about the conflicts in Mali, CAR and Nigeria. In East Africa I have researched Somalia, with shorter stints of fieldwork in Nairobi and Dubai. For more information about this research see my pages at the Nordic Africa Institute and Uppsala University, or send me an e-mail: mats.utas@antro.uu.se

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