I have written extensively on child and youth combatants, politics and economy of informality, contested sovereignties, media, refugees and gender in conflict and war zones.  I am the editor of African conflicts and informal power: Big Men and Networks (Zed Books February 2012), the co-editor (with Henrik Vigh and Catrine Christiansen) of Navigating youth – generating adulthood: social becoming in an African context (the Nordic Africa Institute 2006) as well as of numerous articles in journals and edited books.



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young female

Young Female Fighters in African Wars (2008) by Chris Coulter, Mariam Persson and Mats Utas

Navigating Youth, Generating Adulthood Social Becoming in an African Context (2005)
Christiansen, Catrine, Mats Utas & Henrik Vigh (Eds.)

Sweet Battlefields: Youth and the Liberian Civil War (2003) by Mats Utas

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