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Sweeping for Change in the Burkinabe Revolution, by Jesper Bjarnesen

As the dramatic scenes of public protests have given way to political negotiations of the terms of a transition towards new elections in Burkina Faso, the initial reports on events unfolding hour by hour are gradually being replaced by reflections … Continue reading

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Fourah Bay College: The Decline of Sierra Leone’s “Oxford in the Bush”, by Tom Gardner

Sitting astride Freetown’s Mount Aureol, Fourah Bay College (FBC) is often regarded as the crucible of Sierra Leone’s post-independence history. ‘When Fourah Bay College sneezes”, one student reflects, ‘all of Sierra Leone catches a cold’. In the mid-1980s, FBC sneezed. … Continue reading

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Changing picture: same MP candidate, new president, extra expenses

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Ghana votes 2012

I must say that I have been slightly disappointed with the political temperature in Accra. The few days I have spent in Accra have showed nothing like the political spirit of Sierra Leone, or even Liberia. But Wednesday turned out … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: The Elections that Nobody Wants (guest post by Eldridge Vigil Adolfo)

As elections loom over Zimbabwe in 2013, there is still no resolution to the longstanding political stalemate. The three political parties that formed a Government of National Unity (GNU) in 2008 have not implemented the reforms that would have prepared … Continue reading

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”Ampa Ampoh!”: Sierra Leone after the announcement of the 2012 election results (guest post by Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs)

Late in the afternoon of Friday 24 November, as the sun was setting over the busy streets of downtown Freetown, the National Election Commission (NEC) of Sierra Leone called a press conference to announce the results of the Presidential Elections, … Continue reading

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Protests against Morsi (by Maria Malmström)

Massive protests have taken place in several Egyptian cities against the president’s moves last Thursday to grant himself extensive new powers. Read more on BBC. NAI researcher Maria Malmström talks to anthropologist Samuel Schielke about the protests in Egypt. − … Continue reading

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